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What exactly is public relations?
Public relations is the art of establishing and expanding a business profile to be the best that it can be. It can range from developing a positive online presence, protecting your business reputation, to gaining traction in the media. We have staff that are experts in social media management while other staff members focus solely on developing connections with the media and generating content to provide companies with new and exciting updates.

Why choose New Age PR Agency NYC?
New Age PR Agency NYC goes above and beyond what other public relation firms cannot do; we provide the necessary connections and content for your to build and expand your business profile. We take extreme measures to ensure that all of our clients have the positive publicity they need to expand and grow their brand. All of our previous clients have been extremely grateful for the results we were able to provide. We pride ourselves in being clear and transparent with clients and to establish realistic expectations when taking on a project. We have staff members that specialize in search engine optimization while others specialize in media relationships. Overall we take a 360 holistic approach to each client to deliver the custom results that they need.

How much does it cost?
Each client is different, therefore each service package is different. Contact us today to learn more about how we can develop the correct package for you. Whether you are a social media influencer looking to expand your presence online and gain more endorsement deals or a Fortune 500 company looking to expand your brand internationally, we have the staff to develop the right solution for you. Packages can range anywhere from $5000 a month to $10,000+ a month depending on the size of your business and your professional needs.

Do you guarantee results?
Because of the uncertainty in the media environment, there can be no guarantee for results. However, you can always speak with previous clients to learn more about their experiences in working with us. All of our previous clients have gained successful results and we believe in establishing realistic expectations early on to guide each and every client along the way. Our results speak for themselves and when we speak with you, we will have a better understanding of your goals. We do not hire every client that comes to us because some clients simply have unrealistic expectations or ask services of us that we are unable to provide. As a result, we only work with those we believe are positioned best to succeed with the services we offer.

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