Armand Peri (born July 14 1965 in Vila do Conde, Portugal) is an American business executive, entrepreneur, real estate investor, bodybuilder and artist. He is the CEO of New Age Productions, Inc., a New Jersey/New York-based production and Night Club investment & entertainment company, and the founder of Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment, a live choreographed male dance revue show for women which operates in one of the largest nightclubs in New York City.

He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his "Hunk-O-Mania" show, probably one of the largest and most successful male revue shows for women in the world (in which he serves as both executive producer and CEO. He also received a great deal of publicity when he opened "Show" a Moulin Rouge-style extravaganza mega-club in Manhattan notable for attracting a lot of celebrities.

After growing and developing Hunk-O-Mania into the powerhouse brand it is today, Armand founded Diva Royale, a popular cabaret show in New York City featuring some of the most well-regarded female impersonators in the industry. Diva Royale was received positively by the public and quickly grew to more than 10 cities, including Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. The show quickly became the most popular cabaret show in New York City and provides its audience with an exceptional and unique experience.

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In addition, Armand is a very successful real estate investor and has grown his real estate portfolio immensely over the years through his strategic investment acumen. He is a strong believer in providing safe and affordable housing solutions to tenants and continues to work with local housing leaders to develop stronger communities. He continues to receive praise from community leaders for his role and leadership in fostering stronger communal ties. As his companies and portfolio continue to grow, so does he. Armand continues to advise, invest and grow companies outside his realm and continues to be a strong leader and advisor for companies looking to expand and mature.

At the age of five Armand Peri was first inspired by the power of painting and started creating works of art that belied his age. Embracing his creative side with the encouragement of by his parents and teachers Developing his talent during his formative years, Armand's paintings found their way into the halls of respected museums and institutions before he reached his eighteenth birthday.