As a teenager Armand Peri looked in the mirror at his 125 lb body on his 5'11 frame and didn't like what he saw. That's not surprising considering Armand's artistic eye so he immediately set to work on creating an all new work of art on the living canvas of his own body.


Hitting the gym with a ferocity that startled his contemporaries, Armand was motivated by the challenge of the impossible in transforming the visage of a gangly boy to a muscular man. In just a year's time, Armand added muscle mass equal to 25% of his entire body weight.

What's particularly surprising about this colossal achievement is Armand's lack of formal training and knowledge. Inspired by the great ones in the bodybuilding world (Schwarzenegger, Zane, Paris) he dumped gallons of sweat in the gym agonizing over and under piles of weight several hours per day.

During his first year of grueling training something incredible happened; he won his first bodybuilding competition.

Fueled by this first victory, Armand kept pushing himself further and harder to bodybuilding greatness throughout the 1990s winning several competitions at the local, national and international level.