At the age of five Armand Peri was first inspired by the power of painting and started creating works of art that belied his age. Embracing his creative side with the encouragement of by his parents and teachers Developing his talent during his formative years, Armand's paintings found their way into the halls of respected museums and institutions before he reached his eighteenth birthday.


In 1983, Armand's work was chosen as the most creative and expressive from a pool of 6,000 other young artists. This first great achievement was recognized by the governor of the State of New Jersey as well as Nancy Reagan, first lady of the United States at the time. Encouraged like never before, Armand expanded his artistic expression which led to other awards and accolades in recognition of his talent.

Entering college, Armand's artistic spirit was channeled into another creative form; architecture. Graduating from the prestigious New Jersey Institute for Technology with a Bachelors of Science, Armand quickly set his sights on architecture's logical progression; real estate.

Calling upon his artistic acumen for design, aesthetics and symmetry, Armand was quickly propelled into the millionaire's club in real estate circles through a series of property acquisitions, development and sale of same. Infected with the entrepreneur's bug, Armand turned his attention to other exciting elements where a fusion of art with reality takes place; NYC nightlife.

Starting out as a night club owner he immediately identified a niche market that was drastically underserved; entertainment for women.